Nickel Azo Yellow- Good Honey Handmade Artisan Watercolor Paint-Bright Transparent Yellow Pure Pigment

  • $10.00

Nickel Azo Yellow- PY150- Series 2

-Lightfast: excellent
-Non granulating

Known as 'The Transparent Yellow". This one is a labor of love. It takes much time to mill into paint. The value range is huge. In mass tone its very dark and earthy and lightens and brightens as more water is added. It is technically a cool color but serves well as a mid range. This is the only yellow you truly need. It is a part of my Watercolor Trifecta: the perfect primary mixing palette.  

Any purchase of 6 half pans automatically come in a small black hinged watercolor tin with Good Honey label. 

Sizes: Paint comes in standard sized pans. Half pans will fit in all commercial palettes and tins intended for their use. 

Half pan- .75"x .63" x .4

Please note: This is artist grade paint and is not intended for children. Watercolor pans are small and may be a choking hazard. 

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