Handmade Watercolor Paint


I’m unique!
Crafting Your Paint:
Every pan of Watercolor Paint is carefully and thoughtfully selected and has a unique recipe that I have developed over time, research and trial in my pursuit of creating beautiful, pigment heavy, luminous watercolors that are a pleasure to paint with. I use a variety of suppliers (the same as commercial companies use) to source pigments. I am also in the process of research and education to create my own pigments. 

The pigment is hand milled into a paste paint using a watercolor binder and traditional muller and slab methods. There are no machines here. This process takes time (and love) and every paint is different. Each recipe has been handmade and tested by me. I am quite picky when it comes to watercolor supplies and I won’t offer anything I wouldn’t use myself. The media (binder) is made from a unique recipe of natural high grade gum Arabic, local organic honey, vegetable glycerin, distilled water and clove oil (a natural preservative to prevent mold growth and deter bugs). Our Watercolor paint is naturally sticky and is formulated to prevent cracking and hard, dry paint. The honey and glycerin are added to aid in reactivating the paint.

Pro tip: most pans will benefit from a few drops of water being added to them several minutes before you intend to use them to wake them up. Some formulations include a small amount of a synthetic ox gall to help the paint flow. No brighteners, thickening agents or fillers are ever used. I have created a product I am intensely proud of and I hope it brings you so much joy to use it!
Hand Poured to Perfection?
Hand pouring pans is incredibly labor intensive and offers the purest form of professional watercolor half pans. It takes 3 to 5 pours over a period of 2-5 weeks of curing time to produce each half pan of Watercolor.  It takes approximately 8- 12 ml of fresh paint (tube paint) to fill these pans. You are buying pure, concentrated pigment, not water and not filler. Due to this process each paint has a unique look. Some look quite pretty and perfect in the pans and others definitely carry that handmade look!

Please note: This is artist grade paint and is not intended for children. Watercolor pans are small and may be a choking hazard. 

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