Honey Dots- Good Honey Handmade Artisan Watercolor Paint-Paint Sample Cards- Pure Pigment

  • $3.00

Honey Dots- Handmade Watercolor Sample Cards

Honey Dots are sold individually. This is a great way to sample colors you are interested in. Each dot is hand poured and so there will be slight variations in look and size. Some are taller and some are more flat and wide but its roughly the same amount of paint for each. Purchase as many as you'd like. Select colors from the drop down and add to cart. 

You can check out my instagram post here to see how they are used. Check the story highlights for them in action. A little goes a long way. I filled an entire 9x12 sheet with just half of a dot. 

Sizes: Paint is hand poured onto a 2"  sample of watercolor paper. Use a few drops from your brush or a dropper or spritz with water to activate. You can then use the paint on another sheet.  

Pans are not included. This listing is for trial size only. 

Please note: This is artist grade paint and is not intended for children. Watercolor pans are small and may be a choking hazard. 

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